System Status System is online.  Local and network message areas are available for your use. The GameZone is available for your entertainment. About Orbit BBS: Host: P4 / 2gb RAM HDD: 80 gb OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server Telnet Client How-to Connect with fTelnet Netrunner SyncTerm Mystic BBS Blocktronics The BBS Corner BBS Nexus BBS Guide Telnet BBS Guide OrbitBBS © All Rights Reserved Travel back in time with the Orbit BBS!  Remember how it used to be before the World Wide Web became what it is today.  You could say the BBS was the original online social network!  Since BBSes are text mode only, give your mouse a rest and use the keyboard. Orbit BBS features 15 local message areas, networked message areas including: AgoraNet, Survival Net, DixieNet, FsxNet and FidoNet, a GameZone, local weather conditions updated hourly and more.  Sign up for an account (it’s free of course) and have fun! Orbit BBS runs the Mystic BBS package because it’s still under active development by the original author, it offers a native linux version and I’ve seen several VERY nice boards running it. Want to check it out?  Excellent! There are two ways to get on Orbit BBS.  First, you’ll need a terminal program.  I recommend NetRunner or SyncTerm. Both are free.  There are versions for Windows or Linux, both 32 bit and 64 bit.  A terminal program is really the best way to do it. If you want to do it the easy way, just click here: Connect with fTelnet. A built-in telnet client is ready and waiting for you.  Just click the “Connect” button. I look forward to seeing you on the board! Thanks to my good friend Chris for the machine that is hosting Orbit BBS and this website!